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Gayton Class 2 Blog

Here you can see what we have been up to in Class 2.

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  • Viking Shields

    Published 24/11/18, by Kerry Fulford

    This week we designed, made and evaluated our own Viking shields. We can't wait to put them up on display with our Viking long ship!  

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  • Treasure Hunt Excitement

    Published 18/11/18, by Kerry Fulford

    We found a treasure map in our classroom and went out to find the treasure. We used our map reading skills and were so excited to find a treasure chest full of gold coins, magical pencils and a letter from our mystery, magical friend! 

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  • Remembrance Service

    Published 11/11/18, by Kerry Fulford

    The children were very proud of the poppies they made for Remembrance Day and they enjoyed sharing them with their parents and the local Gayton community. The children sang beautifully at the church service and we were very proud of them all.

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  • Our Own Mini Compost Bins

    Published 11/11/18, by Kerry Fulford

    This week we learnt all about different soils and we had an exciting delivery.....our very own worms! We worked in teams to create our own mini compost bins and enjoyed handling the wriggly worms! 

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  • Guy Fawkes

    Published 02/11/18, by Kerry Fulford

    The children were very interested to learn about Guy Fawkes today and they asked lots of interesting questions during their learning. Many of them continued their learning throughout the day by drawing, creating fact files, presentations and research. One of the children drew Guy Fawkes and imagined what Mrs Fawkes might look like!

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  • Picasso Portraits

    Published 21/10/18, by Kerry Fulford

    The children created their own portraits in the style of the artist Pablo Picasso. They have really brightened up our classroom and they are so effective. 

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  • Think Tank Museum

    Published 19/10/18, by Kerry Fulford

    We had a wonderful time at the Think Tank museum in Birmingham!

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  • A Walk in the Sunshine

    Published 30/09/18, by Kerry Fulford

    We enjoyed a walk in the autumn sunshine to the 'Pocket Park'.

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  • Macmillan Coffee Morning

    Published 30/09/18, by Kerry Fulford

    We all enjoyed coffee and cake for our Macmillan coffee morning on Friday and we raised a really impressive amount of money for a very good cause. It was wonderful to see so many friendly faces from our local community. We can't wait to invite them all again for our next event. 

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  • Harvest Messy Assembly

    Published 19/09/18, by Kerry Fulford

    This morning we created lots of art work and poetry for our harvest display in the school hall. The children worked in all three classes writing poems, painting autumn leaves and creating autumn mobiles. It was lovely to see the older children working alongside the younger children and working as a whole school to create some super work.

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  • Roald Dahl Day

    Published 14/09/18, by Kerry Fulford

    Class 2 celebrated Roald Dahl day yesterday with a day full of Roald Dahl theme activities.

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  • Team Art Activity

    Published 09/09/18, by Kerry Fulford

    The children enjoyed working as teams to begin their large scale, collaborative art work. They took it in turns to draw around each other on their paper, layering up the drawings to create interesting patterns and shapes. We are looking forward to painting them next this space! 

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