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CE Primary School

Tiffield Class Blogs

Class 1 - Reception, Year 1 & Year 2

We have come back after Christmas to start learning all about Australia.  The children have made an airport for our role play area.  We talked about what the children thought was needed and they made a plane, a check in desk and a scanner with Mrs Riley.  We have started talking about the story of Creation in the Bible and the children have painted a large earth and started to fill it with all of Gods creatures.  This term we are learning about food technology and so we have begun by baking Anzac biscuits, using the opportunity to re-enforce the concept of weight with our Year 2 children.  One of the children said : "they taste heavenly".  That was our week, (in brief highlights), look out for more next week!  MS. Munday.


Class 2 - Years 3, 4, 5 & 6

Class 2 is taught by our School Lead, Mr Henry-Moore (or Mr H-M as he is known to the children!). The fantastic children in Class to are supported by the highly talented Mrs Kilborn, Mrs Carver and Mrs Linell who bring a wealth of experience, kindness and enthusiasm to Class Two.

Children can be seen in class making use of the extensive range of books, hand-selected by Mr H-M or working hard- collaboratively or independently- at the standing work stations, on the bean-bags or at their desks.

Mr Henry-Moore brings a passion for the sciences alongside considerable expertise and enthusiasm when it comes to English to the school; feel free to pop in and see him about book recommendations for your child or ways to jump-start their creative writing skills.