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CE Primary School

Wobbly Wednesday

On Wednesday 14thMarch 2018, we held our second Wobbly Wednesday, raising awareness for Nystagmus.

One of our Year 4 student, who has Nystagmus, planned, organised and led the day alongside his 1:1 TA. The day started with a very informative assembly, whee our Year 4 pupil bravely made a speech to the rest of the school about what Nystagmus is and how it affects his daily life. We were also very lucky to be visited by Sarah Matthews, a visual impairment expert, who told us more information about the condition, often reffered to as 'Wobbly Eye Syndrome'. For the rest of the morning, the children explored a variety of different activities which all gave them an insight or experience of what it could be like if you had a visual impairment. Our Year 4 Nystagmus expert and his TA took children on cane walks around the playground and Sarah Matthews brought in some special glasses for the children to wear whilst doing some of the activities - the glasses distorted vision so it showed everyone just how tricky things like cutting or reading can be if you have a visual impairment.

Overall, we had a fantastic day! The children learnt a lot about Nystagmus and we would like to thank our Year 4 student for planning and leading such an interesting and fun day for us all!