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CE Primary School

Gayton Class 1, Mrs Bird

Welcome back to school.  We hope you have had a wonderful, safe and family filled half term break. Please find below an overview of the Spring term two curriculum. 

In English, we will be completing challenges in our Talk 4 Writing sessions, working on the genre of journey story writing. Exploring rich and ambitious vocabulary. We will use the story ‘Meerkat Mail’ to explore the journey of Sunny and how he visits different families on his travels to find a place he feels comfortable in. We will then innovate the story with our own ideas for his travels! The focus will be sentence building, creative story writing cohesion and structure.

In Maths this term, EYFS will use practical investigation based in provision and continue their EYFS Maths No Problem units. Year 1 and 2 will use Maths No Problem to support their learning. The Year 1 focus will be exploring numbers to 40, addition and subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions.  Year 2 will learn about money, 2D and 3D shapes as well as SATs practise tasks.


Our Geography unit will focus on Australia! We will compare the similarities and differences between Australia and the UK and learn vocabulary linked to the topic. We will look at how Australia has territories and states as well as


In our Art and creative work this term will be inspired by Aboriginal art! We will look in detail at portraits at the stories, patterns and style of Aboriginal art and create our own pieces using what we have learned, exploring techniques such as cross hatching, dot painting and Naturalistic styles. We will explore the Australian artist Ken Done.


In Design and Technology we will use and apply our knowledge of healthy eating from our science work last term, consolidate and apply this when designing and making a healthy wrap snack.


In Music we will continue learning to sing, play, improvise and compose. The children will focus specifically on learning how to play some simple notes and improvise with songs that they listen to and learn.


In Science, the children will explore carrying out and recording experiments and investigations! They will make predictions, control variables, complete a method and record their results using skills such as tallying. They will apply their knowledge of healthy eating, look at mental health importance, effects of sleep on our health, and carry out experiments to better understand personal hygiene habits such as handwashing, why we should exercise and the importance of keeping themselves hydrated.


Our RE unit this term is Salvation. We will begin with a walk around our local area looking for signs of Spring and new hope. We will learn about Easter and why it is so important to Christians. We will learn the significance of each day during the Holy week. The children will be able to explain the importance of symbols at this time of year.


Our PSHE unit is ‘Heathy Me.’ We will explore what we need to do to keep our body healthy, the importance of relaxation to stay healthy, why we have medicines and how they affect our body, the different food groups, a balanced diet, what are healthy snacks and understanding how our body gains energy from what we eat.


Our PE this term focuses on gymnastics. We will use the creative cog to learn about an apply the gym skills of shape and travel. The children will work with a partner to create shapes and ways to travel and link those together to choreograph gymnastic sequences. 


I will keep you updated on all that we are doing on Classdojo!  


Mrs Bird