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CE Primary School

Gayton Class 1, Mrs Bird

This term the children will be exploring the topic 'Far Far Away' We will be comparing and contrasting locations around the world.  Particularly focusing on Australia.  We will be looking at all aspects of the continent: weather, animals, customs and traditions and importantly how to get there. We will compare to our own locality and look at the similarities and differences.

Using our Talk 4 Writing approach, The children will be looking at a number of journey tales this term looking at their common features and working to produce their own journey stories. In non fiction the children will learn about the conventions needed to write a report.

We will continue our work on Sounds Write, learning new letter sounds in phonics, introducing new sounds practising sounds and applying these sounds to segment and blend real and nonsense words. In Kinetic Letters we will be rehearsing the movements to form each letter- please do speak to us if you would like any guidance on letter formation. The more automatic this is for the children the easier it is for them to focus on what they are writing, supporting their development throughout the school. 

In RE the children will learn about the creation. They will be able to retell the story of the creation of the world and illustrate that story. Reflecting on the awe and wonder inspired by the creation in the bible. We will then be talking about Easter as the most important celebration in the Christian calendar and why the cross is important in an Easter Garden.

Using our computing skills, the children will be exploring how computers can be used for creating art using different drawing packages and paint packages in: We are Painters. After half term the children will be looking at how computers help us collect and sort data in: We are collectors.

In DT the children will be focusing on food technology and cooking from around the world.The children will be looking at the tradition of barbequing in Australia and coming together with Gayton for a barbeque day. Details to follow. 

In Art the children will look at different forms of art around the world. Focusing particularly on aboriginal art and drawing. When using art techniques the children will be introduced to pointilism and the artist Seurat.

If you have any questions or queries about your child’s learning, please do not hesitate to pop in and see us.

Remember to keep checking our ClassDojo and blog to see what we've been up to!