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CE Primary School

Gayton Classes

Gayton Primary School is organised into three classes. 

Here you will find information about each class. If you are a parent/carer, don't forget to log into Class Dojo for our class blogs.

Class 1 - Mrs Bird 

Class 1 is a welcoming and playful place to be ! Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are taught by Mrs Bird. Miss Dixey works in Class 1 supporting the children's learning and development.  

The environment is a vibrant learning space designed to inspire and nurture children across all areas of the curriculum. The children have access to a wide variety of activities and a wonderful outdoor space throughout the day. Young  children's natural curiosity is nurtured as they continue on their journey as independent learners who are highly valued for their individuality. 

Class 2 - Mrs Whitbread/ Mrs Donald

Mrs Whitbread and Mrs Fanthorpe teach Year 3 and 4 in this class. Class 2 is bright, inspiring and engaging and offers the children many different learning opportunities.  Within the class, the children work independently and in groups to allow them to thrive and learn from each other to reach their full learning potential.  Mrs Whitbread and Mrs Donald ensure a broad and balanced curriculum is delivered in a safe and secure learning environment and inspires children to always do their best. Mrs Mytton and Miss Lowe are part of the Class 2 team.

Class 3 - Mr McLoughlin

Mr McLoughlin, who is our School Lead, teaches Year 5 and 6 in his focused, vibrant and resourceful class.  The children work very independently and have every opportunity to develop as an individual who is confident, intelligent, polite and well-rounded. 

The children work in a very collaborative manner, whilst exploring a deep and varied curriculum. Support from Mrs Blackwell allows the children to thrive and learn from each other throughout the year, with many opportunities for every child to show their creative, unique side.