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Forest CE


Policies and Reports


" The Christian values of love, trust, forgiveness, friendship, peace and respect are embedded and at the heart of life in this church school. "

"There are strong partnerships with parents who appreciate the way children bring home the Christian values they are taught"  

(March 2016)


Stoke Bruerne

"The executive headteacher's Christian vision for the school and drive to improve outcomes, has led to improvements in pupil's academic achievements and accelerated progress of some individual pupils"  

"Prayer has a central place in school life with prayers by children in worship and before meals. Children show exemplary respect to each other at such times demonstrating how they value prayer and reflection in their lives."

 (March 2016)



" The school's Christian values permeate all aspects of school life and have a significant impact on the lives of the pupils and result in good behaviour and excellent relationships"  

(June 2015)



"Parents appreciate how their children develop a confident and secure moral and spiritual compass for when they leave school"

"Pupils articulate with confidence how they apply what they learn from religious education (RE) and worship into their attitudes and learning behaviours.

(June 2015)