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Forest CE




 We adopt an approach to science which aims to stimulate and excite the children’s natural curiosity about the world around them. Through practical activities and investigations, children are taught to plan, hypothesise and predict; design and carry out their own investigations; interpret results and draw conclusions; and communicate their findings to others using scientific vocabulary. Children are taught about life processes and living things, materials and their properties and physical processes (e.g. electrical circuits, facts about the Sun, Earth and Moon). Through work in these areas, children are taught about scientific enquiry, answering challenging questions which they attempt solve through experimentation and fair testing.

To ensure children make the necessary progress and are challenged appropriately, teachers plan enjoyable, engaging and inspiring practical activities that mean the children are working hands-on; these lessons link science concepts to everyday life so the children can understand the world around them in a scientific way. Our lessons aim to develop a child's social skills by working in teams and encourage resilience, determination, perseverance, communication, collaboration, questioning and problem-solving.