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Stoke Bruerne

CE Primary School

Stoke Bruerne Classes

Please see below general information about our classes. Please select specific classes for further details on class topics.


Class 1 - Miss Webb

Miss Webb, supported by Mrs Smith, teaches Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children in their vibrant and inspiring classroom. The class is a busy, happy class with a wide range of learning going on throughout the day, both focused and independent. The outdoor classroom is constantly open, offering all children the opportunity to 'learn through play' in a creative, evolving environment. The class provides a range of opportunities for children to lead their own and each other's learning, creating independent, fearless learners. 

Class 2 - Mrs Lea

Mrs Lea is supported by Mrs Webb and teaches Years 3 & 4 in her stimulating and ever-changing learning environment. In Class 2 the children learn in a variety of ways and have access to the outdoor environment and to creative play opportunities. The children continue their journey to become independent learners, whilst support from their peers creates a 'teamwork' approach to learning. 



Class 3 - Mrs Howe

Mrs Howe is supported by Mrs Slack and Mrs Horn, teaching Years 5 & 6 in a focused, vibrant and resourceful learning environment. The children work very independently in a mixed age, mixed ability set up, allowing all to thrive and learn from each other and the environment that surrounds them. A wide and varied curriculum is covered throughout the year with many opportunities for every child to show their creative side.