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CE Primary School

Whittlebury Classes

Please see below for general information about our classes. Please select specific classes for further details on class topics. To view the class blogs select the class and class blog area.

Class 1 - Mrs Howie

Reception and Year 1 join Mrs Howie in Class 1 in our lovely self-contained classroom situated outside of the main school building in the playground. The environment is a vibrant learning space with a fantastic undercover outdoor area accessible for use during the day with mud kitchens, sand pits, water and many fabulous stimulating and exciting areas of play and development. We strongly believe that all children learn in different ways and the classroom supports this with areas of learning to ensure all children receive an amazing education. 

Class 2 - Mr Darley 

Years 2, 3 & 4 are taught by Mr Darley in Class 2. Mr Darley is supported by Mrs Ginn and Mrs Dowson in his stimulating and ever-changing learning environment. The class is a busy learning environment, in which children excel and are inspired and engaged whilst accessing the curriculum. The children continue their journey to become independent learners, whilst support from their peers creates a 'teamwork' approach to learning. 

Class 3 - Mr Willsher

Years 5 & 6 are taught by Mr Willsher in Class 3. Even though the classroom is more structured, in order to get the children ready for their secondary education, it also offers the children the opportunity to experience different learning zones. The children have plenty of leadership opportunities when running whole school clubs. The growth mindset approach to learning encouraged within the class, helps foster a mature, resilient learning outlook alongside a positive self-image that is key for secondary school.